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Category: Healing and Well-Being

Trainers: Dr. Mahesh Patil and Claudia Pinet

Description: For Ayurveda, health is balance. Balance at the physical level, psychological level, emotional level and spiritual level. Ancient wisdom of Ayurveda helps you to find that balance. With our expertise and experience, we will help you and guide you through the basic principle of Ayurveda’s knowledge.
We will be with you in your journey towards health and happiness, and why not, maybe someday it will be your turn to desire helping others on this way.

Method: The workshop will be both theoretical and practical. The theoretical part will be mainly Dr Mahesh’s part. Through the video conference you will have with him in India, he will teach you and answer your specific questions. Claudia will teach you the practical part, the various Ayurveda massage and treatments. The basic themes of teachings will be:
Introduction to Ayurveda, its origin and concepts, its spiritual dimension.
The panchamahabuthas (the five subtle element, ether, air, fire, water, earth)
The tridoshas, the 3 biological humors Vata, Pitta and Kapha
The trigunas and our psychological constitution
Prakruti and Vrikruti, our original constitution and its potential distortion
The dhatus, body component
The srotas, channels of the body
Agnee, the digestive fire and the other bodies’ fires.
The malas, waste products
Ama, the toxins
The marmas, point of junction between body, soul and spirit, between physical body and energies’ bodies.
Dincharya, the daily routine to live a joyful and healthy life
The appropriate diet for your constitution, one of the elements of your heath and healing.
The 6 tastes of the food and their action: Vipak, post digestive effect, veerya, potency.
The 6 stage of development of diseases
Nidana, the diagnostic
The therapies: Panchakarmas, remedies, treatments with the plants massage, etc.

Program: The themes which will be approached will depend from how fast the participants will be able to integrate the knowledge and how far they will want to go. The themes which will not be possible to teach deeply during this workshop will be in the next one. You are most welcome in the initiation to this marvelous ancestral and sacred Indian science, connected to the future.

Language: English, French, Italian, Spanish

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