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Category: Energetic Work

Trainer: Elena Colombo

Description: The workshop proposes to you through exercises, reflections, exchanges, to reconcile the matter and spirit, summarizing every aspect of life in the sense of harmony, serenity and reconnecting to a higher level of consciousness. Energy will be contacted that is born from the sharing of moments energetic able to feed the soul and to involve the being, Will be a permission to the life, to find again the potentialities and the energy of every, your own creativeness, to transform the quality and the sense of the life.


The body – manifestation of the energy and the spiritual level. Who I am and where I go.
The material plan – job, money, realization, to conquer the material base and a creative style of life, harmonic and to be able to consecrate a part of his/her own time to the spiritual part
Love conditionings  – that hinder in the bitter ones himself, to love the other and to arrive to an internal space of universal love
Positive relationship – in the foreground the relationship and the possibility to leave every form of uneasiness, dependence and illusion inherent to the usual schemes of the way of living
Energy – with the knowledge of the energetic dynamics it is possible to understand otherwise inexplicable phenomenon’s in the experience of every day.
Sacredness – the lack d initiation of the most sacred part that exists in each of us creates disorientation and a depth sense of loneliness and not affiliation.
Connection – contact with the Divine.
Resonance – of the body with another dimension.

Language: English, French, Italian, Spanish

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