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Ibiza Natural Wonder!

Enjoy the island naturalness all year long!


Magical Ibiza – World of the origin …

Located in Spain, Ibiza island is the sparkling part of Baleares. This old Carthaginian island, rolling and capricious, has preserved its typical landscape with its silver pine forests, typical small villages, sandy beaches or small intimate coves overlooking a warm and pure water.

You will be impressed by its charming multiple facets: cool, festive and worldwide famous Ibiza, with its exuberant rhythmic and colorful warm nights … Join the dance!

Ibiza, the secret and magical island loved by artists and writers searching for a new inspiration. But also, Ibiza, the peaceful and tolerant island with its rich history, who knows how to reveal all its beauty to the one who respects it.

With over 300 sunny days a year … and 56 beaches, each one more beautiful than the last, Ibiza “White Island” will charm you at any time.

Discover its special atmospheres.


Ibiza blossoming almond trees

amandier harmonysession

Start the year with the first blossoming almond tree … a most magical moment. Climate is changing… as everyone likes to say.

But there’s always a wonderful feeling of joy striking sparks in the heart.

But magical moments are always short. Not more than some weeks… And Mother Nature especially Sir Wind passing by will have swept away those pretty flowers.

From the end of January and throughout February, the fields of in blossom almond trees add a magical dimension to the protected countryside of the island. Blossom time is short so come quickly…

Go for a walk, a bike tour or a car ride around the island and take incredible photos of almond trees in bloom. The nature doesn’t seem to have lost its primitive beauty, with its plantations of orange and olive trees lined by endless stonewalls.

The woody hills still allow unique glimpses of the Mediterranean Sea.

Fête Ibiza

All year long, you can go to festivals.

In February you can take part in the traditional carnival appealing to both adults and children with its coloured processions through the streets of the town.

The magical island of Ibiza will charm you, and even after your departure, you will remember it as a dream come true.


Learn about the Ancient History of Ibiza
A World Heritage classified by Unesco

A good way to discover Ibiza is the end of the winter season.  March and April in Ibiza is to stroll in the old town of Eivissa, where you still find significant evidence of the Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman civilizations. This ancient centre has been classified as world heritage by Unesco.

In the cold months the cosmopolitan population of the island enjoys meeting in bars, restaurants or in the traditional street markets, to rediscover the deep soul of Ibiza which has inspired so many artists.

If you look for the right place to experience the real Ibiza atmosphere, have a rest in Ciel Azul, a small heaven of peace, opened 12 months in the heart of the beautiful countryside and a few steps from the seashore.

Ciel Azul apartments and studios offer all the comforts in a beautiful natural setting. Ciel Azul
Ciel Azul is the right choice to experience the authentic, unique charm of an island which is still capable of evoking the mysterious past of the Mediterranean Sea.
Ciel Azul Ibiza


Medieval Festival in Ibiza Old Citadel

In May, visit the coloured atmosphere of the Middle Ages, with the Medieval Festival, in Ibiza old citadel… or discover the crystalline and pure water of Ibiza beaches.



Join the dance!

In June, July and August, choose your beat_ night or day_ crowded night clubs or hidden coves_ rhythm of the beaches or quiet pines. Everything is possible in Ibiza.


For the summer, Ibiza 56 beaches offer numberless resorts for bathing and getting tanned, and for the winter an incomparable relaxed rhythm of life, close to the one the first hippies experienced in the 60s, while they were reigning over the island. Even if temperature can be cold at night, in the daytime the incredible sunny weather invites the visitor to discover the desert creeks and the green pinewoods in an exceptional light.


Original Ibiza comes back in the automn

Visit wild Ibiza in its naturalness. Go for a walk on the beautiful deserted beaches…



Ibiza… Magical all year long

300 sunny days… Ibiza reveals its secrets throughout the year.

Enjoy waking up listening to the sound of the waves.

Go for a bike tour or take a walk on the sea coast cliffs.

Why don’t you escape the gray and rainy atmosphere to come to recharge yourself for some days or weeks with your camera and your Note Book.

Visit some galleries. 250 artists welcome you all year long. They know the light of Ibiza is unique.

Couchersoleil mer

Discover the Four Seasons of Ibiza