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Category: Energetic Work

Trainer: Deina Vidal & Agnes Renard

Description: Meditation or « meditaction » (action of going to the middle) is a way to reduce the flood of unconscious actions of the human being, a way out of all the useless exterior manifestations, in order to recover the simplicity of the cosmic rhythms in the most essential part of oneself.  »A.G. » This meditation workshop  is an adventure to discover one’s being of light.

« Prayer and meditation are activities that allow the soul and the divine spirit to  settle down inside the human being » (Peter Deunov).

« Meditation is also a means of understanding and direct apprehension of the universe » (Appel Guéry)

Why meditate?

1 * Meditate to discover the subtle energy that exist in your being
2 * Meditate to feel love, serenity and inner joy
3 * Meditate to be in harmony with yourself and others and thus be able to embrace the universe
4 * Meditate to fly towards the source, towards your inner essence
5 * Meditate to make the pure vibration of the spirit pulsate in you
6 * Meditate to awaken your energy body and travel into the cosmic consciousness
7 * Meditate to live in communion with the celestial figures who watch over you
8 * Meditate to meet your light body and your true spiritual nature
9 * Meditate to sublimate your whole being
10 * Meditate to live enlightenment; reach self-enlightenment and illuminate the world

Studying them in an exceptional setting and atmosphere will help you discover a different « you »
and will give you more harmony and happiness.

meditation chackras


    Exercises of physical and prâna breathing, of tensions releasing. Visualizations relating to the control, channeling, recentralisation and unification of energies.

    Purify and activate  the chakras. Discovering the 9 chakras’ harmonious functioning

    Harmonization with the positive forces of the universe.

    Meditating to enlighten your being. Becoming aware of the contact with the body of light.



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The knowledge of the chakras:
« Know yourself and you will know the universe and the Gods  » (written on top of the Delphi temple)
The knowledge of the chakras, as transmitted in the Indian tradition, is one of the doors to the discovery and harmonization of our various bodies (physical, psycho-emotional, mental and spiritual bodies)
Chakras are « neuro-psychologic centres », as we would call them in the West. There are 7 main chakras, vertically set along the spine. All of them have physiological correspondences, especially with our endocrine glands (« mood » regulators). Actually, for a good connection one must develop one’s 9 chakras.Physical positions of the 7 chakras:

  Sahasrara Chakra - Skull centre – fontanella

  Ajna Chakra - Forehead centre, between the eyes

  Vishuda Chakra - Neck centre – throat

  Anahata Chakra - Heart centre – top of the chest

  Manipura Chakra - Solar centre – solar plexus

  Swadisthana Chakra - Navel centre – hypogastric plexus

  Muladhara Chakra - Perineum centre – pelvian plexus