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Daniel: I receive very important keys. I really could perceive the different parts of my being, and I was able to discern the origin of my problems, and how I could manage them. This is really a very important sensitization workshop!

Carol: « When I came for this workshop, it helped me restructure my ideas to be able to restore a kind of mental chart that installed an order in my consciousness; that is why it is much easier for me now to manage the various planes and to deal with them, because the energy is fluid. »
Marc: I received a quality teaching because I could really feel that you already had truly integrated all that which you were giving us. I really could feel that I was receiving very important codes to learn how to better master my life,  because I know that yet a part of my system is in a rather exploded state. This workshop is very precious, and it is up to me to practice it now. This is extremely positive.

Helen: I was able to learn a lot about my self . I certainly could feel that I already knew the bases of it, and a few things, beforehand. But finally, in this workshop, I really learnt more finely how managed life. I must keep all this information inside and try to apply it in daily life. Therefore, all this was really fine.


 Pippo: I firstly would like to thank everybody, organizers and participants. I am happy because I feel that this place is truly magical. I had been searching for a very long time, but I could find nothing at all because my energies were too much dispersed. Now, I feel much more concentrated and I can perceive a very beautiful road ahead. I want this with all my strength. My thanks to all of you.

Ema: I learnt so many things in this workshop, and so many things inside me have changed! I am very happy.  My grateful thanks to all the organizers of the workshop. Thank you!

Paul: I am very happy. I want to thank everybody. I have learnt a huge amount of knowledge, and I have the feeling that I am finally back on my own road.