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Massage is a healing practice through touch. It was used in ancient civilizations for its beneficial effect on physical and mental well-being.


The Well-Being Massage

The well-being massage is anti-stress and re-energizing. This massage has many virtues, it can be calming, relaxing or vitalisng.
It prevents ageing, keeps fatigue and worries away.
It strengthens the body, and helps resist disharmony and disease.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage, as its name suggests, is a method consisting in improving certain physiological or psychological problems by means of a massage. A therapeutic massage allows you to relax and unwind. It heals back pain, unties muscle tensions and unlocks articulations; it activates blood circulation, thus easing varicous and heavy legs. It improves the functioning of lymphatic circulation, thus augmenting the organism’s capacity to eliminate toxins. On psychological level, this kind of massage is also prescribed to fight depression and stress.

Relaxing-anti-stress Massage and Therapeutic Massage: 60 €
Duration: 1 hour

Thai Massage


A Thai massage is a moment of pure happiness offering a concentrate of vitality and relaxation. It is relaxing and unblocking, it releases muscle tension. With the help of digitopuncture (pressing special acupuncture points) it rebalances the Qi. In the Asian tradition, every disease is connected to a disbalance in the Qi.

Thai Massage: 85€
Duration: 1H30 hour

Ayurvedic Massage


Meaning of Ayurveda: Ayur = life, longevity. Veda = knowledge, science. Ayurvedic massage bring body relaxation to give mental serenity.
Massaging with oils brings multiple benefits: deep relaxation, reduction of nervous tension, improvement of blood ciculation, detoxification of the body. It is made by pressing various ayurvedic points, or “marmas”, through which the prâna moves.

Ayruvedic Massage: 85€
Duration: 1H30 hour

Qi Gong


Meditation in movement
Qi gong is a physical discipline, made of harmonious, slow and precise body movements executed in continuity.
Practice improves flexibility, strengthens the body, sustains your health at physical, mental and spiritual levels.
Thanks to its meditative aspects and the extreme precision of gestures,
Qi gong improves concentration, sharpness of mind and memory.



Yoga is a wonderful way to regain ons’s balance and well-being, health and  deepening of self-knowledge.

Yoga session to relax the body, balance the energy, and achieve calmness, inner peace, self-confidence, positive thinking, stress management, stability and concentration.

The benefits of yoga are numerous and recognized, they affect all aspects of the personality.
One session:

  • Asanas for 1 hour (or postures) to regain and maintain the flexibility and tone of the body as well as the mobility of joints. They work gently on the physical body.
  • ½ h Pranayama: breathing techniques are essential for health and energy balance. Breath control is an amazing tool, a gift of nature to pacify the mind and manage emotions.



Discover the island’s most magical landscapes.
Breathe the fragrant air of pine woods in the natural setting of forest trails leading to secret creeks of turquoise crystalline waters.
For all nature lovers eager to enjoy the most secluded and authentic corners of the island of Ibiza.

Discover Ibiza

A trip around the island in a Jeep to see the most beautiful beaches and to discover the magical history of Ibiza.
Excursions and Tour of the island of Ibiza: Visit the coast and the interior of the island in a course of 150km through the most beautiful beaches and magical places of Ibiza where you’ll enjoy 3 stops for bathing.
Itinerary: Sa Calleta,
Cala Jondal,
Cala Dort,
Es Vedra,
Cala Vadella,
Cala Tarida,
Cala Conté
Bathing pause
San Antonio
In the heart of the island:
Santa Agnes, San Mateu,
In the North, port San miguel,
Beniras /
Bathing pause, picnic or restaurant lunch

San Juan and the Eastern beaches of the island…

Itinerary can vary at the client’s request.
Departure from Ciel Azul at 8 am and return at 7 pm.

Enjoy Formentera Island

Formentera, one of the last paradises in the Mediterranean

Formentera island is 23 km long and  is situated 6 km south of Ibiza. The beaches  are covered with Umbrella pine  trees. You’ll reach Formentera by ferry, and you’ll find a quiet, peaceful little island with natural beauty to spare and you just need to rent a bike to take you from beach to beach, along the excellent cycle paths and well-marked hiking trails.
Very special people come to this peaceful little island, people who like to enjoy nature in all its beauty; sparkling crystal clear waters below an azure blue sky, miles of clean sandy beaches.



Canoeing is an adventure holiday as well as a wild and romantic alternative to enjoy nature. Canoe Paddling in front of cliffy coastlines and coral white beaches will make your vacations an unforgettable experience. There will be guided tours twice a week, however, the ultimate canoe high light will be waiting for you only once a month when we head towards the rising moon – an exciting moment that not only lights the plankton in the sea.Canoeing at Cala Martina

Without previous knowledge needed, rowing is an ideal water sport for the entire family. Within only a few strokes through crystal-clear water, you will leave the stress and pressures of life behind.
Come and spend an enchanted week in front of gorgeous scenery, because here, within the Western Mediterranean you will find the perfect location for your canoeing adventure.
Rowing is the ideal sport to train your body.
TRIP – Excursion: 2-3 hours - 25 € each person
For 1 hour/1place: 10,00 € – 2 places: 14,00 €* - For 2 hours 1place:16,00 € – 2 places: 20,00 €*

Discover Scuba Diving


The “Punta Dive” diving centre is located on the beach facing Cielazul


A different world opens up when you Discover Scuba Diving.
For ½ a day of your holiday you will experience diving in a safe comfortable environment.
Theory, practice, and dive. After a bit of theory you will be breathing under water in the pool for the first time, and then experience the magic of the underwater world in your first real dive. For everybody from 10 years. Duration: 1/2 day.

At Punta, one professional is designated for every 2 Discover Scuba Divers.
Dive directly from our private beach which is a perfect place to dive, so perfect the locals call it the aquarium due to its crystal waters and abundance of fish.
Then you are well on your way to a lifetime certification. 

You already have your certificate:

One outing with full equipment: 54 € (69 US$, 47 UK£)
2 outings with full equipment: 85€ (108 US$, 73 UK£)


Scuba Review : 65€
Discover scuba diving: 89€
Snorkeling : 20€