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Category: Healing

Trainer: Isabelle Poitevin de la Frégonnière


  • New tool for Health
  • Combination  of Western ideas of chiropractic and muscle testing with Oriental ideas of Energy, Chi or vital energy flows and humanistic psychology
  • TFH Created by John Thie


  • Use touch to activate the energy of natural regeneration
  • According to the experienced activities, changes can occur in the muscles, joints, skin and all organs
  • The way we react, the imbalance of our energy will affect our vulnerability to injury or disease
  • Energy = innate force to be harmonious balance in totality
  • Totality = Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical Aspects
  • In TFH, all these aspects are related
  •  A change in one aspect can affect all the others

Method: Muscle Testing

  • Give idea of circulating energy in the meridians
  • Provides information and exchange in the evaluation process
  • Specify objectives, reflex points correction
  • Allows to constantly test how we feel


  •  Increase awareness among all aspects
  • Facilitate the flow of energy and communication between all the cells, organs and organ systems
  • Facilitate communication between the Conscious Mind, the unconscious, our intuition, our connection to Chi Vital Energy


  • After equilibration, better physical, mental or emotional
  • Develop awareness and awareness of what we really want in life and things that block our energy to achieve our goal
  • Make decisions for a real benefit


  • Touch for Health involves a model of Health and Wellness philosophy, easy to understand
  • TFH also involves techniques that require practice and can be learned with a program of four levels with international certification

TFH is the basis of Kinesiology at the conceptual and technical level
All 4 classes is a powerful tool
Teaching techniques and applications of muscle testing to communicate with the physical body
Equilibration of the body’s energy system
Emotional labor
Postural correction
Techniques for relief from chronic or acute pain
Customizing the diet for good health
Food Tests
Become a kinesiologist with a high professional quality


* Touch for Health Level 1 – Muscle/Meridian Balance

  • Accurate Indicator Muscle Testing
  • Emotional Stress Release
  • Learn 14 muscle-tests as biofeedback for posture and 14 major Energy Meridians
  • Learn 5+ Reflex Systems for Balancing Muscles, Posture and Energy & more!

There is no prerequisite for TFH level 1. TFH Level 1 was designed to be suitable for the lay person who has no prior learning about muscles/anatomy/posture or Chinese (acupuncture) energy theory, though many massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, therapists and coaches find TFH a useful complementary/integrative tool in their practice, and for client education.

* Touch for Health Level 2 – One-Point Balancing

  • Assess energy patterns in the 24-hour cycles & Five Element (seasonal) cycles and find a single key-point to balance the energy system
  • 14 additional muscle tests
  • Food Testing
  • Acupressure Holding Points, & more!

Pre-requisite: TFH Level 1

* Touch for Health Level 3 – Reactive Muscles

  • Release long-standing functional painReview and practice 1-point balancing (wheel & Five Elements)                                                             
  • 42 muscle Tests
  • Chinese 5-Element Color Balance
  • One-point balance with sound & more!

Pre-requisite: TFH Level 2

* Touch for Health Level 4 – Postural Analysis, Review & Consolidation

  • Postural analysus and balancing; Reactive Muscle Review
  • Complete 42 muscle balance, standing, sitting, or lying (meridian & rapid anatomical order)
  • Postural Stress Release & more!

Pre-requisite: TFH Level 3

TFH Instructor is certified by the International Kinesiology College. Each level will be validated by a certificate from the International College of Kinesiology. The four levels are 16 hours eachand there are two possibles formulas :

  • The  week-end from Friday 3-7 pm, Saturday 9:30 a.m to1.30 pm and  3 to 7 pm, Sunday 10 a.m to 2 p.m
  • 1 Level per month at the rate of one class per week on Friday from 3 to 7 p.m. (4 classes a month)

Language: English, French, Italian, Spanish

In order to get more information about this program and to reserve, tel +34658 59 54 14 and click here.
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